Rental car Costa Rica ultimate guide

Are you planning to go on a vacation in Costa Rica? Then this guide is for you. If you want to explore Costa Rica on your schedule, it is recommendable to use a rental car. Renting a car provides flexibility and freedom as you explore this beautiful country. In general, when you rent a car, your trip is literally in the palm of your hands. You can take trips and stop wherever and whenever you want.
However, the process of renting a car can be a bit tricky. This guide will enlighten on crucial information you need to know about car rental costa rica. From why you should rent a car, the requirements, cost and essential tips for car rental Costa Rica.

Five reasons you should use car rental Costa Rica

Using a rental, a car is the best way you can discover the epic sceneries in Costa Rica; it offers many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why renting a car is paramount during your trip.

#1. Flexibility

When you rent a car during your trip it enables you to enjoy your trip at your own pace. It is beautiful to go wherever you want and whenever you want.

#2. Enjoy the scenic views

When driving a rental car with your crew, you enjoy a heightened sense of exploration. You will appreciate the scenic views you will see along the way as you trip around this beautiful country. However, when you use public means of transport, you have lower chances of experiencing that.

#3. You can stop along the way

When you use a rental car to trip to Costa Rica, you have the freedom to stop anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to grab lunch, go to a restroom, or take photos, the choice is all yours. Furthermore, travelling is all about the experience; therefore, no need to rush.

#4. More fun

Going for an adventure in a rental car is more fun than travelling on a public vehicle or train. If you are driving alone or with your friends, you can play your favourite songs, sing at whatever volume, and do anything to make your experience awesome.

#5. It is cheaper

Renting a car in this country is relatively cheaper, especially when travelling as a group. The cost compares favourably with the price of travelling on a flight or hiring a private shuttle.

What you require to drive a rental a car

If you are a foreigner looking out for a rental car, there is no need to worry. All you need to drive a rental car in Costa Rica have the right document.
• Original driving license
Before renting a vehicle in Costa Rica, you must have an original passport with a valid tourist visa stamp.
The law requires you to have an original driver’s license from your home country. The best thing about this country is you don’t need to have an international driving license to drive a car.
Besides, it’s good to note that you cannot use a photocopy of your driving license to rent a car in this country. The law demands that all Costa Rica car rental companies demands for original driver’s licenses before renting out there cars.
• Minimum and maximum age
The minimum age to rent a vehicle in this country depends from one company to another. However, the minimum age ranges from 21-25 years.
In addition, there isn’t a maximum age to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica.
• Purchase liability insurance
You can purchase this type of insurance from a rental car company. So, in case you buy this insurance from your home country, it will not be valid in this country.
• Have with you a guaranteed deposit
It is advisable to have a guarantee deposit of USD750 to USD 1500. Nonetheless, the amount is dependent on the car category you choose, the rental company you choose to work with, and the insurance that the customer chooses.


The cost of hiring out a vehicle in Costa Rica depends on various factors, including the duration you will take with your vehicle, the season you plan to travel, the type of car you want and many more. On average, renting a car is between$50-$60. The amount can be a little less or more depending on the mentioned factors.

Essential tips to consider while renting a car

If you are thinking of renting your ideal car to enjoy your trip in Costa Rica, here are some of the tips you should consider to ensure you get a positive rental experience.

• Be warned of car rental scams.
When you plan to rent a car, you should protect yourself from falling for car rental scams. Although agencies offering car rental service in costa Rica competes by offering competitive charges, most car rental scams advertise significantly lower rates to get the attention of prospective renters. Therefore, it is advisable to research a car rental company before paying.

• Familiarize yourself with your route before hitting the road
Before starting your trip on a rental car in Costa Rica, it is recommendable to know the route’s condition. That way, you will be in a position to know which type of car will be best for your trip. Is it bumpy, smooth, under construction, or a border cliff? It pays to know what you are getting into and roughly how long your trip will take before renting a car.

• Rent an automatic car if you are not a confident and proficient manual driver
Make sure you rent an automatic car if you do not have confidence and proficiency in driving a manual transmission car. That is because there are many potholes in Costa Rica and unpaved roads, steep and curvy hills, especially in remote places.
• Consider the condition of the car
it is advisable to enquire from the car rental company about the age of the vehicle you are interested in hiring. O for Because of the conditions of the roads in Costa Rica, older cars are most likely to get into problems. It is best to go for five years or less vehicle.
• Locate gas stations along the routes you plan to travel in advance
In Costa Rica, gas stations are nearly every town but are sparser in some parts. Locating where gas stations exist along the route you plan to travel can help you avoid the hassle of finding yourself running low in an area with no gas station. You will know when to refill and how soon you will get to the next gas station.

• Ensure the car you rent have a working WIFI connection or GPS
The best way to avoid getting lost while on the hilly roads of costa Rica is by using Google maps. To map your highways and routes, you will need GPS or Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, ensure the car you rent includes GPS or have a working WIFI connection.

Car rental Costa Rica provides you with a different more fun. You can stop whenever you want, seek out little known places, and it is cheaper than hiring a private shuttle. However, before you rent a car, there are specific requirement requirements you need to meet. The above guide enlightens you on why you should rent a car, the requirements needed, the cost and tips to help you while renting a car in Costa Rica.