Guide to Types of Tipper Trucks

If you are a building and construction contractor or any other job that involves moving bulky materials from one point to another, purchasing a Tipper truck is a good idea. Also known as dump trucks, tipper trucks are heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) with a tipper body on their rear.

Though primarily used in the construction world to transport loose building materials like gravel, sand, asphalt around a worksite, one can also use it for other jobs like garbage collection, mining, hauling small machinery and many more. However, it is advisable to buy the right truck, depending on the type and scale of your job. This guide will help you understand dump trucks more before making a purchase.

Types of dump trucks

Rigid rear dump trucks

You will only find this truck type in mining and quarrying sites due to their huge size. Due to their superior hauling capacity, rigid rear dump trucks can carry more materials, reducing the number of trips you have to make. However, since these trucks are designed for off-road mining and heavy dirt hauling projects, these trucks cannot work in places with high traffic.

Articulated dump trucks

These trucks are mostly found in civil and mining industries, thanks to their large size and heavy-duty nature. You can use this track to transport heavy loads on off-road conditions and rough terrain as they have all-wheel drive. Additionally, the articulated dump truck operator can pivot the front cab section in relation to the rear carrier to allow the wheels to follow the same path. All these features make this truck ideal for most off-road transportation needs.

Standard dump trucks

A standard dump truck is any truck with an average capacity of around 10 to 15 tons. Like any other dump truck, standard dump trucks operate on hydraulic systems. This means that the truck uses fluid under pressure to generate the power needed to lift its body.

Semi-trailer end tipper

This truck consists of a trailer with a dump body. Since these tippers have a huge load capacity, you can consider purchasing this truck if you plan to carry large volumes of materials. A semi-trailer end tipper can also handle the tough jobs that a conventional tipper struggles to handle. The only disadvantage of this truck is that it is less stable in dumping position than a typical dump truck.

Side dump trucks

A side dump truck can be any tipper truck type, but it has a vertical dumping position instead of the vertical position common in other trucks. Due to this unique feature, you can purchase a side dump truck if you plan to use it at a job site requiring significant loading capacities.

Belly tipper trucks

Also known as a bottom dump truck, a belly tipper is not a common truck type as it has a unique role of laying materials in rows. The truck can also operate in reverse and have a carrying capacity of up to 28 tonnes.

what truck size is best for you

The best type of dumper truck will vary depending on factors such as the weight and type of materials you plan to transport, the terrain of the site and your budget. For example, a 12-tonne bogie drive is the best truck for smaller jobs with less than 12 tonnes of materials.

If you plan to carry larger loads, you can consider buying a semi-trailer tipper as it has a larger carrying capacity. However, you should ensure that your worksite is open, like road construction or quarry, as they are hard to manoeuvre.

Benefits of dump trucks


  • They are cost effective: Buying a dump truck is less costly than hiring people to carry and deposit heavy materials from one point to another.
  • Lifts bulky materials with ease: With a dump truck, you don’t need to hire people to offload the materials.
  • Variety of options: Due to the availability of several designs and sizes of tipper trucks, you can easily select the right tipper for your job.

Final word

If you plan to buy a truck to transport materials from one point to another, purchasing a tipper truck is always a good idea. However, you should easily identify each truck type and its advantages to determine the best tipper truck for your job. The above guide should help you choose the best dump truck for your job.